Scholarships for Indian Students to Study in India and Abroad

Scholarships have always been a lifesaver for students to get some help in their financial fee for higher education. Whether it is for an education in India or abroad, scholarships are synonymous with successful careers. Thousands of students apply for Indian and foreign universities every year. They seek new opportunities and exposure to find their feet in a stable job and career in this challenging and complicated world. Scholarships provide them with the much-needed financial aid and assurance to fulfill their aspirations by getting into their Dream College or university. This financial assistance often proves a boon for the students who are not able to manage the hefty fee of reputed institutions. Especially in the case of foreign universities, the tuition fee can be quite substantial since it is in a foreign currency. Ergo, scholarships are essential in boosting a student’s career and educational trajectory without any obstacles or hindrances.

Types of Scholarships

There are countless scholarships that the Indian students can apply in order to get into good universities/colleges in India or overseas. Here is a list of some of the colleges, specifically keeping the Indian students in mind:

  1. University of Sussex Scholarship
  2. Melbourne – India PG Scholarship
  3. Inlaks Scholarship
  4. Hornby Scholarship to study in the UK
  5. India4EU II Scholarship to study in Europe
  6. US UCD UG Scholarship
  7. Oxford and Cambridge Society of Indian Scholarship
  8. Chinese Government Scholarship
  9. Oxford University’s Rhodes Scholarship
  10. Commonwealth Scholarship & Fellowship

In addition to these popular scholarships available to apply for Indian students, there are also others like Huawei Maitree Scholarship for studying in China, USIEF Fulbright-Nehru Fellowships, and Tata Scholarship for Cornell University,etc.

It is essential to procure all the information about the different kinds of scholarships before applying for them to be fully equipped of what you’re getting into. It is recommended to research well about these individual scholarships before coming to an informed decision.

How to Apply?

A student can apply for any of the scholarships mentioned above (and several others) by getting the required details from the specific websites. As stated above, it is essential to be well-informed about the pros and cons of the different scholarships before dipping your toes in the water, so to speak. In addition to that, you must find out which scholarship will be the most beneficial for you individually since every student is different and has a different set of expectations, goals,and requirements.

Any student can procure the relevant information from the official websites of the scholarship providers.

Eligibility & Documents Required

As stated above, the eligibility criteria and the required documentation vary according to the different scholarships you go for. You must be organized and keep a quick checklist of all the scholarships you’re interested in, their eligibility, documents required, deadlines stated,etc. You should also keep your referees posted about all the scholarships that you intend to apply for. You must always pick carefully after thorough consideration.

Advantages of Scholarships

The benefits of scholarships are multifold. Not only do they enable students to get into good universities but also significantly assist them in getting through the financial aid, tuition fee, living expenses,etc. Let us check out the most important pros of applying for scholarships in regards to higher education (be it in India or abroad)!

  • Education costs a lot more than it used to: The cost of getting into good colleges and universities for higher studies is through the roof today. The skyrocketing inflation in terms of getting a good college education has students dismayed at meeting with the high costs of tuition fee and other expenses associated with being an eligible candidate to get into reputed educational institutions. This makes it even more indispensable to apply for scholarships to receive that much-needed assistance and boost up in the financial aspect of educating oneself.
  • Stinking economy: It’s not 100% true when you say that the economy stinks,but there is definitely some amount of truth to that statement. Today, parents still value and wish to contribute to their children’s educational tuition fee, but it is also true that not all of them have that kind of money to afford a college education. Hence, this has caused a substantial decline in the contribution from the parents and family. This means that to cover up the costs of tuition fee, living, and textbooks, etc., scholarships become an even more important thing that students can absolutely not do without.
  • The cost of college living is up in the sky: Unless you plan on paying for the living expenses from your own pocket and commuting to school (living at home), be prepared to spend a lot of money for accommodation, food, supplies, books and a plethora of other expenses. All of these things have gotten way more expensive than they used to be. This is where scholarships come in to save the day!
  • Debts in the form of student loans: It is an undeniable fact that countless students around the globe are drowned in student debts because of not being able to keep up with the hefty installments. Statistics reflect that over 70 million people owe $700 billion worth of student debt collectively. With these astonishing numbers on display, experts state that these numbers are only bound to increase with time. This is a perfect example of thebubble bursting for students who did not expect to burn a hole in their pockets to pay for their educations.

Therefore, scholarships are an indispensable part of a student’s life to support them financially. So for those of you who are contemplating whether or not to apply for scholarships, the answer is a resounding yes!

Scholarships to Study in India

A lot of very talented students fail to fulfill their aspirations and dreams of higher studies due to the extensive cost of education. Hence, many private and public organizations come in the picture to aid such students who are in dire need of financial assistance. As previously discussed, the list of scholarships that students can apply for to study in India is endless. Some such scholarships include:

  1. The Gandhi Fellowship
  2. Young India Fellowship Program
  3. JC Bose National Fellowships
  4. Ramanujan Fellowships etc.

Students can choose from a wide range of scholarships and fellowships. However, they should pay heed to the stiff competition and be prepared to work hard and excel in order to be granted one of these prestigious scholarships.

Scholarships to Study in Abroad

Scholarships to study abroad differ according to the countries you wish to apply for/intend going to for further studies. For example, if you intend to study in Singapore, you must apply for the scholarship A STAR and SIA Youth Scholarship. Similarly, a student would need to apply for the Holland Scholarships if he/she intends to study in Holland. UK and Australia have a very extensive list of scholarships to choose from,and again, the students should research well and pick the best ones that would be beneficial for their specific needs and requirements. Making a well-informed decision is key to getting a good scholarship.


With the falling rupee and the ever-increasing rise in the tuition fee and living expenses, scholarships are even more crucial in the life of a student today. Finding scholarships might be a big headache,and one might find it quite challenging to find the most appropriate one for oneself,but it will definitely be worth your time and efforts. All you would have to do is prepare yourself for some stiff competition and never be a misguided student! Make informed decisions after thorough research and a scholarship can be your ticket to getting into a good Indian or overseas university!

In addition to this, do not forget to visit the individual, official websites of the scholarships you intend to apply for in order to not be caught unawares with any new information.


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