Courses after 12th Science

Science stream in 12th offers lots of opportunities for their further education. Although, engineering and medicine are the top-ranked courses for science students. In comparison, almost every field welcomes the students having science rather than non-science in their final schooling days. Students having mathematics in 12th standard can opt:

1. Engineering Courses:

Engineering courses are the excellent courses for the students after their schooling. After their graduation, they can easily find the job opportunities in private as well as in government sectors. They can be a teacher, college lecturer, chief engineer, assistant engineer, supervisor, consultant and many more. Biotechnology engineering is one of the engineering courses that is pursued by both mathematics as well as biology students group.

• Aeronautical Engineering
• Aerospace Engineering
• Agricultural Engineering
• Agricultural Information Technology
• Automobile Engineering
• Biotechnology Engineering
• Chemical Engineering
• Civil Engineering
• Computer Science Engineering
• Dairy Technology and Engineering
• EC Engineering
• Electrical Engineering
• Electronics Engineering
• Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
• Environmental Engineering
• Food Processing and Technology
• Genetic Engineering
• IC Engineering
• Infrastructure Engineering
• IT Engineering
• Marine Engineering
• Mechanical Engineering
• Metallurgy Engineering
• Mining Engineering
• Motorsport Engineering
• Naval Architecture
• Petroleum Engineering
• Plastics Engineering
• Power Engineering
• Production Engineering
• Textile Engineering

2. B.Sc. courses(Bachelor of Science):

Today, there are many universities provides a scholarship to the programmes associated with B.Sc. You can follow B.Sc. by its master degree M.Sc. and enter in a field loaded with countless career opportunities. Going for higher studies opens a full possibility for students to write the thesis and performing research in their chosen subjects and allow them to be eligible for NET and JRF after the completion on their UG and PG in the particular subject.
Which further allow a Master to become a lecturer or professor.

• B.Sc. Agriculture
• B.Sc. Animation and Multimedia
• B.Sc. Aviation
• B.Sc. Biotechnology
• B.Sc. Chemistry
• B.Sc. Computer Science
• B.Sc. Electronics
• B.Sc. Electronics and Communication
• B.Sc. Forestry
• B.Sc. Horticulture
• B.Sc. Hotel Management
• B.Sc. IT
• B.Sc. Mathematics
• B.Sc. Nautical Science
• B.Sc. Physics
• B.Sc. Sports Management

3. B.B.A:

Bachelor of Business Administration or BBA takes three years to be completed. After this course, you can be a part of HR Management, Material Management, Administrative roles, etc. in private sectors mainly.

4. B.C.A:

BCA stands for Bachelor of Computer Education and takes three years to be completed. After it, you can opt PG course to secure your future beautifully. You can find the job in private and government sectors as well and can be a computer engineer, software developer, software tester etc. Also, BSc in CS is also alike professional degree to BCA, but it lies under the category of Higher studies which can be followed further by MSc.

5. B. Pharmacy:

Mathematics students can prefer this course that is four years long. It involves study about chemical and making medicines. One should go for its master degree and can be a professional researcher, pharmacist, medical representative, etc.

6. Pharm D:

Science (biology or maths) students can choose this doctoral degree programme that takes six years to be completed.

7. B. Arch:

Bachelor of Architecture involves planning and construction of buildings, homes, public utility structures. This course duration is five years.

8. Join Armed Forces:

NDA comes under this course. It requires age limit (19 or younger). You should apply for it just after your schooling. Which afterwards can be followed by CDS after graduation. Students can only appear for two times as a limit to NDA and same to CDS.

9. Merchant Navy Courses:

If you prefer such course, you have to be a hard-worker and dedicated. You can be a sailor, marine engineer, etc. IN this profession you can have the tours to several sea countries and continents.10. Diploma Courses:
You can take part in diploma engineering and then go for a degree in an engineering college for two years. It is the best option for those scored fewer marks in 12th.

11. Diploma Courses in Fire Safety and Technology:

Many private students invite you to join this course, so the duration is different in every institute. You get the opportunity to be a safety engineer, fire safety officer, etc.

12. Degree Courses from other streams:

Mathematics students can opt even B. Com., B.A., management courses, etc. you can choose the relevant courses appropriate for your future.
There are some other specialized courses available for science (mathematics or biology) students: –
• Air Hostess Training
• Hospitality Diploma Courses
• Event Management Courses
• Law Courses
• Journalism and Mass Communication
• Animation, Graphics and Multimedia
• Web Development and Designing
• Fashion Technology

The above all courses let a student have a life of glamour and lavishness after all maintaining a good standard.
Every student or wants to appear student or candidate must have a good personality and language skills which may easily attract anyone.

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