Top Courses to Study after 12th in India

In this modern time, education plays an important role to build one’s career. After finishing the school education, most of the students wander here and there to find a suitable course for their further education. Today, there is a great competition in the education field. Parents not only demand but also force their children to pursue in the popular courses. However, a student knows his/her capability, IQ and aptitude much better than others. But, they are confused to decide what they have to do actually. In this confusion, some time they follow the stream that they were having in 12th standard or by their parent choice and become trapped badly. They lose their interest in the study and destroy their future as well. Parents, teachers or anyone of their relatives can be a career guide. They should suggest the appropriate course and help them to get rid of such confusion.

Some of the courses are given below according to streams that they studied in 12th as well as their interests.

  • Courses after 12th Science
  • Courses after 12th Arts
  • Courses after 12th Commerce
  • Professional courses after 12th
  • Medical courses after 12th
  • Job oriented courses after 12th

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